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Caremongers Burnaby on Facebook

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Wed, Mar 18 - Thu, Apr 30 at 5:00 PM - 8:00 AM (PDT)

Burnaby, burnaby, BC


Hey #burnaby, join this group and let's help each other.

During this time, we need to show more kindness, humanity, comradery, compassion, and love in this world. Fear has shown its ugliness and we need to stop it. Citizens of Burnaby, let’s all unite and help those in need.

Basic group rules: All kinds of mutual aid and support posts are welcome in addition to COVID-19 specific stuff. Moderators reserve the right to ban users who are negative, racists, or sexist. You are not to post anything for sale.

Please use the following hashtags to help us expedite requests.

#ISO – Use this when you or someone is “In Search Of” something.

#OFFER – Use this when you are offering goods, services, or resources.

#DONE – Use this when a request is complete and no longer needs attention.

#SHOP – Identify where scarce resources can currently be found as a response to #ISO *Limit to 2-hour window.