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Healthy Cooking Classes: Cook, Eat and Be Well (Winter 2019 Session)

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Wed, Jan 16 - Sun, Mar 31 at 2:00 AM - 6:00 AM (PDT)

Canadian School of Natural Nutrition 2245 West Broadway Room 102 Vancouver, BC V6K 2E4


Our healthy cooking classes help you learn how to nourish yourself and those you care for. By cutting diet and nutrition info overload and by offering practical skills in the kitchen, you get educated, inspired and empowered to create satisfying and vibrant everyday meals and snacks.

Our classes can now accomodate youth! Your mature child can now take classes and workshops with us!

Please email us if you've registered a minor, we require a waiver to be signed before class.

Sunday classes are from 10am-1pm
*NEW* Weeknight Workshops are from 6:30-8pm
Located in our Learning Kitchen at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Kitsilano, Vancouver (MAP)
Click here to scroll through class descriptions or click the 'more' button next to ticket type on the registration page

Jan-Mar 2019 Schedule
(GF= Gluten-Free, VG=Vegan-Friendly)

Sun Jan 13: Cook Once Eat Healthy All Week (GF VG)

Wed Jan 16: Sauerkraut Workshop (GF VG)

Sun Jan 20: Bone Broth & Nourishing Soup (GF)

Wed Jan 23 Ohagi Workshop (GF VG)

Sun Jan 27: Nut-Based Cheese-Making (GF VG)

Wed Jan 30: Salt and Crunch: Healthy Snacks Workshop (GF VG)

Sun Feb 3: Plant Power on your Plate: Inflammation-Busting Meals (GF VG)

Wed Feb 6: Kombucha Workshop (GF VG)

Sun Feb 10: Healthy Meal Solutions: One-Pan/Pot Wonders (GF VG)

Wed Feb 13: Ginger-beer and Herbal Sodas Workshop (GF VG)

Sun Feb 24: No Sugar? No Problem! Sugar-Free Baking (GF VG)

Wed Feb 27: Miso Bomb: Healthy Instant Soup Workshop (GF VG)

Sun Mar 3: Probiotic Foods: Fermented Veggies (GF VG)

Wed Mar 6: Brined Pickles Worskhop (GF VG)

Sun Mar 10: Weeknight Meal Solutions: Sauces and Condiments (GF VG)

Wed Mar 13: Gyoza Workshop (VG option)

Sun Mar 17: Wild and Cultured Fermented Beverages (GF VG)

Wed Mar 20: Kimchi Workshop (GF VG)

Sun Mar 24: Spices 101 (GF VG)

Wed Mar 27: Sprouting Workshop (GF VG)

Sun Mar 31: Healthy Meal Solutions: Comfort Food (GF VG)

* Please note, that while we take precautions to warn of potential allergens and to maintain safe kitchen practices that prevent cross contamination from occurring, our kitchen is a shared facility, and so we cannot guarantee absolute absence of potential allergens from food. If you have a severe allergy, please contact us before the class to assure that we can accommodate you.

(GST and ticket fee are in addition to prices. To AVOID ticket fee, email me at and we can circumvent the ticketing system by email invoicing instead.)

Single Weekend Class Ticket (3hr) - $75

Single Weeknight Workshop Ticket- $35

4 Weekend Class Package- $260 (save $10/class)

4 Weeknight Workshop Package- $120 (save $5/class)

All-In Weekend Classes (11 classes)- $605 (save $20/class)

All-In Weeknight Workshops (10 total)- $250 (save $10/class)

In this series:

*NEW* Wed Night Workshops!
We have changed up the format and added lots of new 'quickie' classes! These workshops are completely hands-on, and you take home what you made in class.
Sells out fast!!!! Learn to make artisinal cultured cheeses, without the dairy! Check out our seriously popular Nut-Based Cheeses class.
*NEW* Comfort Food and Cooking with Spices classes, inspired by student requests!
*NEW* Japanese Specialty Workshops by my talented friend, food and health educator, Honami Watanabe check her delightful pics on Instagram here
Please note: while our classes are heavily plant-forward, we are now also offering classes that feature animal products. Classes that are vegan-friendly and wheat-free and gluten-free are still abundant, and we are now including a few classes which have animal products such as sustainably caught fish, grass-fed and pasture-raised meat and dairy. Note in the descriptions for each class to know if it is right for you. As always, if you have allergies, please let us know in advance so we can accomodate if possible.

These classes are a good fit for you if:

Organic is an automatic preference or requirement for you.

You are going towards a healthier, more sustainable and plant-focused way of eating and interested in learning how to wow your friends with seriously sophisticated but 'unrefined' foods.

You are including more plant-based foods in your diet for nutrient-density.

You, or someone you love to cook for has allergies which restrict refined sugar, meat, eggs, wheat or dairy. (Check which classes are vegan, GF etc. in description)

Already practiced at conventional baking and cooking, you want to move the the next level, learning how to substitute common refined ingredients.

As a total newbie in the kitchen, you are attracted to eating wholesome foods and want to get some real-life experience with new ingredients.

You have self-studied about how diet can help manage a health issue, and are ready to clear up confusion about nutrition info 'out there' so you can get down to business and start making healing, tasty meals at home.

To Register
Click Tickets button on the top right of this page. The payment options include package deals with great savings for purchasing 4 classes or all of them. 'Rooted Nutrition' credit for transferred or credited classes can be used towards these classes.

Contact us if you have any questions or if you prefer to pay by another method than online.



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