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Colinkz founder Noi Soudarack was born in Thailand. Her family seeked refuge in Canada when she was four years old. Noi spent most of her childhood growing up in a diverse and multicultural neighbourhood.

Noi however, did not get the same opportunities to learn about the details of her own culture. Ever since when she was a child, she felt that culture is a crucial attribute to our self identity. As we grow up, different attributes of our cultural roots begin to shine through us.

Noi Soudarack created Colinkz in order to bring different cultural communities together to learn and celebrate the cultural diversities between them.


Culture is essential to our identity and society.

The cultural values are expressed through our personalities and lifestyle. The language that you speak, the food you cook and eat, as well as the traditions you uphold represent you.

Humans create their lifestyle around the environment that they live in, and this is how cultural identity is shaped and formed between different parts of the earth.

Cultural heritage helps us understand who we are and where our roots are. Culture is what takes us from being individuals to becoming groups, and those groups are the building blocks that create strong communities.

Spreading knowledge and increasing awareness of diverse cultural backgrounds will help us to accept and welcome these differences. The broader that your view is of cultural diversity, the more knowledge and unique experiences you stand to gain.


Our cause is to build strong communities. We do that by supporting various charities, organizations and community leaders who has a real passion for what they do. A portion of all of our proceeds goes towards supporting 1 charity a year. Our goal is to help them achieve their goal.

If you have a cause that needs funding or just want to bring awareness to your cause. Please connect with us and let us help you reach your goal.

Charity of the year: ChinaConcern

“Fulfillment is not born of the dream. Fulfillment is born of the journey”

-Simon Sinek, Together is Better

Connecting You to Authentic Cultural Experiences


Now that you know what we’re about, we want to ensure that all of our Colinkz members have a peaceful and gratifying experience. Here are some guidelines in using our platform.

Lets keep it simple. We ask that you follow the Golden Rule.

“Treat others as you would like others to treat you.”

Code of Conduct