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Bringing the world together through authentic cultural experiences


Colinkz, a platform designed to bring communities together by facilitating healthy cultural exchange. We make it easy to create, share, and access events to power authentic experiences to celebrate true cultural diversity.

Unlike other tools, Colinkz focuses on providing a one-stop location for cultures of all types. From individuals and restaurants to charities and learning institutions, any person or organization can create and publicize events that celebrate and share their culture with the community.


Colinkz is a universal hub for people who’ve just started new lives on foreign shores as well as businesses, tourists, and non-profits. Discover new experiences and connect with the local community - even if you are visiting.

Explore our Culture Spotlight to learn about various cultures in a truly authentic setting.

Access our directory to find restaurants, specialty shops, learning institutions, and events.

Discover a world of Culture in your own city.


Straightforward signup, easy event creation process, clean design, and powerful search tool.

Explore your identity by connecting with others - not to mention sharing your artistic, culinary, and musical passions.

Create your own event or connect with those who share your interests.


Cultural background is essential to our identity. Cultural heritage is an element that has been established and carefully composed by none other than society itself. The values we hold close in our social groups are expressed through the different elements of our personalities and lifestyle choices.

The language that you speak, the literature you read, and stories you will write represent your cultural history. The food you cook, eat, and the traditions you will uphold represent your cultural roots. The various forms of art that you create will express your cultural identity.

Culture can be anything from art, music, food, lifestyle, social habit, science, shared beliefs, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, or people.

Culture is society!

Ready to join the community?

Ready to join the community?

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